LEED Silver Wellness Center natatorium, New Rochelle, United States

The Wellness Center natatorium (New Rochelle, United States) is a part of New Rochelle College`s LEED Silver facility. The swimming pool has 6 lanes and 200 spectator seats. The natatorium is a grotto set and has green roof, heat recovery technology allows to use pool water temperature for heating the building in winter.

Design: Ikon.5 architects
Photography: Peter Mauss

Aquensis swimming pool, hydromassage, sauna and spa.

In this beautiful rejuvenation center, in an area of 3000 square meters, located Aquensis swimming pool, hydromassage, sauna and spa.

Design: Luc Demolombe
Photos: JARNO

w5-club swimming pool, China

The w5-club swimming pool (China) is located in a commercial building in recreation area, which includes sports facilities.

Design: toc.designstudio

Leisure Centre swimming pool, Luxembourg

The Leisure Centre swimming pool (Luxembourg) is located in an elliptical building which divided into three areas. On two swimming areas located the wave pools, sports pools and 80-meter slide. On the third area there are saunas and restaurants.

Design: Atelier d'Architecture et de Design Jim Clemes, Hermann&Valentiny and Partners, Atelier Witry & Witry

Personal swimming pool, UK

This personal swimming pool (UK) is designed for the comfort of swimmers. Rooflights allow sunlight to illuminate the pool and the window in the lower parts of walls contribute to the psychological comfort of people in the water.

Design: Paul+O Architects

Penthouse outdoor pool, Honduras

This penthouse outdoor pool is designed for a luxury holiday and its location allows to enjoy the beautiful views of the San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Design: LAKP Diseno & Desarrollo

Ronald McDonald Centre swimming pool, Netherlands

The Ronald McDonald Centre swimming pool (Netherlands) has been designed for disabled children, and has many innovations as movable pools floors, LED lines, drowning detection system and others.

Design: Peer Glandorff, Fact Architects
Photography: Luuk Kramer

Private indoor concrete pool, Prague, Czech Republic

The private indoor concrete pool (Prague, Czech Republic) is designed to bring pleasure to its owner from taking water treatments in combination with energy-efficient design and high level of privacy.

Design: manua

Indoor pool, Hotel Zenden, Netherlands

This indoor swimming pool situated in Hotel Zenden, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Design: Wiel Arets Architects

Indoor water pool & spa, Bulgaria

Contemporary indoor water pool & spa situated in Berlin Park Vitosha Complex, Sofia, Bulgaria. Visitors are invited to obtain rest and relaxation with the ancient traditions of spa and sauna, and guests can enjoy 18x6 m water pool.

Design: Aneta Sabeva

Sauna design, Chile (+plans)

The construction includes a changing room and a sauna with a roofed terrace which is situated in the Chile lake district.

Design and photography: Panorama, Constanza Hagemann, Nicolas Valdes

Transparent bottom pool, Switzerland

The transparent bottom pool suspended in the the five story Einstein Fitness Park building in Switzerland. The pool acts as a light source for visitors, and the glass roof over the whole space can be opened.

Design: Damir Masek

Underwater pool lights, Mexico

Underwater pool lights in this 25m swimming pool create a pleasant underwater effect. The pool situated in Vista Verde Country Club, Mexico.

Design: Luis Ariza

Small outdoor concrete pool, Austria

The bath house with small outdoor concrete pool situated on the slope. The fireplace and wooden interior walls of the bath house create a pleasant atmosphere to relax.

Design: Philipp Berktold Architekt

Aquatic Center, Bethune, France

Swimming pool in aquatic center, Bethune, France.

Design: S.AREA Alain Sarfati