Large infinity pools design

Bali is a small beautiful island in Indonesia, known worldwide due to its mesmerizing landscapes and rich culture. This large infinity pools design situated in Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel and attract people from all over the world with multi-level curves that copy the beauty and shape of the surrounding hills. Visitors can swim at the edge of the large infinity pool and enjoy peaceful views of the ancient temple - Pura Penataran Dalem Segara, located on the nearby hillside.

Design: Gordon Shaw, William Warren, John Pettigrew

Cool swimming pool on the roof, Dallas, Texas

Cool swimming pool on the roof, Dallas, Texas
That cool swimming pool on the roof (Dallas, Texas) is located in Hotel Joule, 1530 Main Street, Phone (214) 748-1300

LEED Silver Wellness Center natatorium, New Rochelle, United States

The Wellness Center natatorium (New Rochelle, United States) is a part of New Rochelle College`s LEED Silver facility. The swimming pool has 6 lanes and 200 spectator seats. The natatorium is a grotto set and has green roof, heat recovery technology allows to use pool water temperature for heating the building in winter.

Design: Ikon.5 architects
Photography: Peter Mauss

Aquensis swimming pool, hydromassage, sauna and spa.

In this beautiful rejuvenation center, in an area of 3000 square meters, located Aquensis swimming pool, hydromassage, sauna and spa.

Design: Luc Demolombe
Photos: JARNO

w5-club swimming pool, China

The w5-club swimming pool (China) is located in a commercial building in recreation area, which includes sports facilities.

Design: toc.designstudio

Leisure Centre swimming pool, Luxembourg

The Leisure Centre swimming pool (Luxembourg) is located in an elliptical building which divided into three areas. On two swimming areas located the wave pools, sports pools and 80-meter slide. On the third area there are saunas and restaurants.

Design: Atelier d'Architecture et de Design Jim Clemes, Hermann&Valentiny and Partners, Atelier Witry & Witry

Personal swimming pool, UK

This personal swimming pool (UK) is designed for the comfort of swimmers. Rooflights allow sunlight to illuminate the pool and the window in the lower parts of walls contribute to the psychological comfort of people in the water.

Design: Paul+O Architects